Colombo Spiritual Events

Awareness Meditations, 4.30-6.30pm Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place. Integrating Spirituality into Daily Life, 9am-1pm, 42/4 School Lane Nawala.

You are invited to discover your True Nature through an experiential journey.

This interactive session explores how Spirituality can be Integrated into our daily life. No matter what our spiritual background is we can integrate what we already intuitively know into our normal life, at home or in the workplace. The session offers techniques and activities to balance the body and mind, discussions based on the ancient and modern advaita / non dual teachings and the common message of Spiritual Masters throughout the ages. By deeply inquiring into what is present now and understanding our personal life story, conditioning and experiences, we can realize our True Nature, resulting in an end to emotional and psychological suffering, a life of inner peace. The workshop is comprised of meditations and self-inquiry, simple energizing and grounding techniques, interactive group exercises, emotional balancing, ways to deal with false beliefs and mental patterns, and direct impersonal awareness.


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