self awareness retreat, auroville, india

15-17th January, 2015. 3 Day Silent Intensive. You are the infinite consciousness, Perfect in every way. Know that, and be at peace.



Advaita means, non duality, not two, an unbroken whole. The Spiritual Teaching is a collection of concepts that point to what is always present, Consciousness, which is what we ARE.

Our nature is Consciousness, the Source, God, one universal energy, eternal and infinite, and as such we are always whole, perfect. The misidentification with being just the body, and the mind of conditioned thought structures, causes us to experience psychological and emotional suffering.

A life free of suffering is our fundamental nature, available within each of us right now!

We learn to integrate this ‘Knowing’ into our daily life, and find Peace and Harmony with ourselves and others, a life free of Guilt, Shame, Blame, Hatred, Pride. A total acceptance of ‘What Is’, flowing spontaneously from moment to moment.

The Invitation:

You are invited to discover your nature as Consciousness through an experiential journey. Offer yourself 3 days of learning, self-reflection and quiet to recharge your body and mind. The 3 days will be spent mostly in noble silence except the discussion times, and participants are asked to please come with this intention.

We will learn & experience:

-The Advaita / Non Dual teachings.

-What is Consciousness, the ego.

-How to understand and accept our own egoic

life story.

-To understand the nature of seeking & suffering.

-A way to end psychological & emotional suffering.

-Acceptance of life, ‘What Is’.

-Meditation & Self Inquiry techniques, Who Am I, Who is the doer / author of our actions.

-Energy healing, for body & mind.

-Acceptance and Love of our self.

-Releasing emotional blockages.

-Yoga, pranayama, energy balance.


The retreat is composed of 7 elements:

 ∞ Advaita Conversations

Conversations / Satsang based on Advaita concepts and pointers in question-answer format where people are encouraged to share their spiritual questions and seeking. Two session per day.


Inquiry into the nature of ones’ real Self, using several types of self-enquiry. Who Am I – Who is the author of actions and deeds – Observing the egoic story – The mirror of the other.

∞ Emotional release and balance

Exercises to release and balance the emotional body, using a combination of Breath-work, stretching, movement and laughter, visualizations and meditations, and other forms of personal expression.

∞  Physical energy balance

Mindfulness of the physical body with a combination of Yoga, Chakra balancing, Breath work, Chi Kung, Grounding exercises and Chanting.

∞  Rest  and play

The retreat provides time for rest and integration of what is experienced, in a natural environment. Attendees are encouraged to relax, rejuvenate, take walks, swim or simply be in nature.

∞  The power of silence

The retreat is conducted in silence apart from the Advaita conversation and intermittent guidance during other sessions. Attendees are encouraged and supported to taste being in silence, as an opportunity to observe and experience what arises in themselves as they practice self inquiry.

In order to deepen the experience, it is suggested that people try and avoid reading, writing, and using phones for 3 days. Attendees are asked to come with this intention for the whole duration of the retreat.

∞  One to One sharing.

One to One sessions are offered for individual private sharing of what is arising and being experienced during the retreat.



  • A maximum of 16 persons will ensure that each attendee receives personal guidance, and time and space for self discovery during the retreat. Therefore, kindly register by 9th January 2016 the latest to ensure your place.
  • In keeping with the tradition of his spiritual gurus, payment towards the teachings offered by Ragi is on a donation basis.
  • Participants are requested to organize their own accommodation.
  • Participants with no prior retreat experience are very welcome, however please attend at least one of the talks prior to the retreat.
  • The retreat is conducted from 9am – 6pm daily within the group at the main venue.
  • For any further information please contact the organizers:







Cecilia – Email: 


Ragi  – Email:,

Phone: +91-875-476-7239


2 responses to “self awareness retreat, auroville, india

  1. Hi Ragi ,

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2016 .

    May this New Year filled with lots of Prosperity , Abundance , Happiness , Joy , Peace , Love , Light & Blessings .

    Have a wonderful year ahead .

    Sending the Wave of Love & Hugs from Malaysia

    Warm Greetings


  2. Hey…I want to connect with you or Cecilia today so that I can make arrangements…. What are the contact details?

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