one day self awareness retreat, 01st Nov, Colombo

– Discover your true nature as Consciousness –

Sunday 01st November 2015, 9am – 5.30pm.

“You are the infinite consciousness,

perfect in every way.

Know that, and be at peace.”

For registration contact:

Slavi: Mbl. 0723-459-270  –  Ragi: Mbl. 0777-366-034


Thank you for arriving on time . . .

‘Arrival and settling in.’

-8.30- 9.00 am

Meeting each other & Introduction to sessions

Tea & Coffee, Fruit.

-9.00-11.00 am

‘Group Meditation’

Connecting with our infinite self

We enter into silence for the day.

‘Wake Up, stretch, Energize & Centre’

Gentle spinal warm up, light stretching, breath work, chakra balancing.

‘Grounding exercises, Knowing our Inner Warrior’

Strengthening ones inner core, learning to use the energy of our planet, exercises in pairs and groups.

-11.00 – 11.30 am

Tea & snacks

-11.30 – 1.00 pm

‘Watching My Self’, Meditations

Awareness of the breath, thoughts, body.

‘The Mask’, Self-Inquiry

Watching the mind labels, investigating the author of our actions.


‘Lunch, Relax, Rest’

Try it all in silence, go within yourself


‘The Mirror’

Meditation in pairs, ‘Venus Kriya’, speaking & listening, watching objects & nature.



The impersonal awareness, ‘I Am’

Discussion & Q&A

‘Finding harmony with others beyond faith’


Tea & snacks

Enjoy a moment to relax on your own in silence.


Celebration from the Heart

‘Music, Dance & Laughter’

Create some noise, let it all go!

‘Sharing our experience’

Who Am I right Now!



End of the day and journey home.


The Invitation:

You are invited to discover your true nature as Consciousness through an experiential journey. Offer yourself one day of learning, self-reflection and quiet to recharge your body and mind. The majority of the day will be spent in silence except the discussion times.


Please contact the organizers for the venue.


Participants are invited to give on a donation basis for what is being offered.


No prior experience is needed. All ages above 18 are welcome. There are limited places available.

Please bring:

2L Water, a change of loose clothes, several cushions, yoga mat, note pad & pen.

“I can show you the opening and tell you there is no door,

You have to step through it.

But know, We will be carrying each other into infinity.”


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