YOGA OF KNOWLEDGE, Interactive Advaita Workshop, Saturday 16th May, KL


Offered by Ragi Kadirgamar

Saturday 16th May 2015, 11.30am – 4pm.

At Yogshakti’ studio, 23 Jalan Damai, off Jalan Tun Razak, Near Ampang Park LRT. Kuala Lumpur


Advaita means, non duality, not two, an unbroken whole. The Teaching is a collection of concepts that point to what is always present, Consciousness, the Source, one universal energy, which is what we ARE. We learn to integrate this ‘Knowing’ into our daily life, and find Peace and Harmony with ourselves and others, a life free of Guilt, Shame, Blame, Hatred, Pride. A total acceptance of ‘What Is’, flowing spontaneously from moment to moment.

The workshop is comprised of 7 elements:

  • Satsang / Talk, Discussion and Q&A
  • Self Inquiry & Meditation
  • Energy balance, Movement, Breath
  • Exercises in pairs and groups
  • Communion with Nature
  • Daily life in silence
  • Laughter, dance & celebration
  • We will learn & experience:
  • The Advaita / Non Dual teachings.
  • What is Consciousness, the ego.
  • How to look at our own egoic life story.
  • To understand the nature of seeking &
  • suffering
  • A way to end psychological & emotional suffering.
  • Acceptance of life, ‘What Is’.
  • Acceptance and Love of our self.
  • Meditation & Self Inquiry techniques, Who Am I, Who is the doer & author.
  • A taste of Inner Peace.  
  • The Invitation:
  • Venue:
  • Costs:
  • Please bring:
  • The Guide:Blog:
  • Ragi spent five years regularly visiting his Guru Ramesh Balsekar in his home in Bombay and now shares with spiritual seekers his experience, and the teachings received from the Gurus. He has been offering Spiritual Events, Talks / Satsang over the last four years in the Asian region.
  • Light lunch, 2L Water, a change of loose clothes, several cushions, yoga mat, note pad & pen.
  • RM 100.00, payable at ‘Yogshakti’
  • ‘Yogshakti’, 23 Jalan Damai, off Jalan Tun Razak, near Ampang LRT.
  • You are invited to discover your nature as Consciousness through an experiential journey. Offer yourself one day of learning, self-reflection and quiet to recharge your body and mind. Part of the day will be spent in silence except the discussion times; please come with this intention.

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