self healing workshop, Sunday 17th May, KL

Our nature is Consciousness, the Source, God, eternal and infinite, and as such we are always whole, never sick. The misidentification with being the body, and the mind of thought structures, causes us to say, “I am sick, I need healing”. Whereas if we realize what we truly are, we can more accurately say, “the body is sick, the body needs healing.” This subtle but significant difference in our perception makes a radical difference to the healing process of the body-mind, allowing us to learn powerful and effective healing modalities and open channels of healing.

The workshop is comprised of 7 elements:

  • Talk, Discussion and Q&A
  • Energy healing, for body & mind
  • Self-communication exercises
  • The power of nature in healing
  • Chakra healing balance
  • ‘Letting Go’, Deep Relaxation healing
  • Emotional connection & release 
  • We will learn & experience: 
  • Discovering our infinite potential.
  • How to go to the source of the problem, using the ‘dive in’ technique.
  • Healing the ‘inner child’ and self acceptance.
  • Listening & asking our body for answers.
  • The connection in between diet, lifestyle, relationships and illness.
  • A technique to heal ourselves with universal energy.
  • Understanding & letting go false ideas, beliefs, mental patterns.
  • Visualizations, Breathing and Sound for healing.
  • Meditation & Self Inquiry techniques as a healing tool.
  • Ways of understanding & overcoming fears.
  • Balancing alternate and conventional medicine and healing modalities.
  • Understanding the energy / auric body. 

The Invitation:

For people wanting more balance in their lives, or needing psychological, emotional or physical healing, as a result of an illness or disease. An opportunity to learn and use practical techniques for daily life.


‘Yogshakti’, 23 Jalan Damai, off Jalan Tun Razak, near Ampang LRT.


RM 150.00, payable at ‘Yogshakti’

Please bring:

Light lunch, 2L Water, a change of loose clothes, bed sheet, several cushions, yoga mat, note pad & pen.

The Guide:

Ragi is a spiritual guide and shares from his experience of surviving a critical illness when he was younger. He has studied with healers and met his final Guru Ramesh Balsekar in 2004. He has been offering Spiritual Events, and personal development workshops over the last four years in the Asian region.


EMAIL:, 011-290-330-36


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