Malaysia / Singapore, Talks/Satsang, Workshops, retreats.


Spiritual Events – Malaysia / Singapore, May 01-30th, 2015

Offered by Ragi Kadirgamar

Synopsis of Events:

∞Talks / Satsang:

‘It is an invitation to realize your true nature as consciousness, and discover peace of mind.’

Spiritual Talks / Satsang are based on a question and answer format where people are invited to ask any questions they may have relating to their spiritual search or practice and share their own experience. The basic framework is from an Advaita / non dual perspective, and Ragi shares with seekers from his own experience and the teachings received from his Gurus.

∞One Day Retreat:

‘We can learn how to live daily life unencumbered by the incessant chattering of the mind.’

This is an opportunity to spend a day in silence in the city recharging and rejuvenating the mind and body. We can understand the mechanism of the mind, thoughts and thought patterns and be free of mental suffering. People will experience a variety of meditations and self-inquiry methods, energizing and grounding exercises, movement and laughter, and an opportunity to share their experience and questions in the discussion session.

(Please see detailed retreat Program)

∞3 Day Self Awareness Retreat:

‘Go deeper into yourself beyond thoughts and find the ever present stillness of your being.‘

Our true nature as Consciousness is always here and through allowing our-self to be in silence without the need to express our thoughts in words we can experience that deeper part of our being. Over the 3 days people will be able to deepen their practice of self-inquiry and meditation in a supportive peaceful environment at the Retreat Centre. Each day will offer exercises for the body to be energized and grounded, a practice of balancing the chakra energy points for emotional and psychological well-being, and time for deep relaxation and reflection. There will be a spiritual talk / satsang each day for people who feel the need to express themselves, where questions from the practices and what is being experienced can be shared. Retreaters are offered an opportunity to experience life without reading, writing, phones or talking. Simply watch what arises in the mind/body, and be completely comfortable with it, become aware of the impermanent illusory nature of things, and realize the permanent ever-present nature of your real being.

(Please see detailed Retreat Program)

∞Personal Development Program (PDP):

‘We are perfect, and in that perfection we can balance whatever aspect of our-self we want to’

The Personal Development Program (PDP) is a Seven part workshop over 21 Days and includes; Stress Management, Energy Balance, Deep Relaxation, Overcoming Fears, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Healing and Living our Potential. It is designed for people who want to live life in Peace, Joy and Harmony and come from varying backgrounds. The course involves balancing the mind / body organism using diverse techniques; meditations, visualizations, breathing, movement, stretching, sound, energy balance, understanding the mind, and the link in between thoughts, emotions, feelings and needs. We learn to listen to our needs and love ourselves unconditionally.

Background of Ragi

An architect by profession, Raghavan (Ragi) spent five years regularly visiting his Guru Ramesh Balsekar in his home in Bombay

and now shares with spiritual seekers his own experience, and the teachings received from the Gurus.

Over a ten year period he also practiced with several meditation, yoga and energy healing teachers.

He has been guiding meditation and self-awareness groups since 2005,

and offering Advaita Talks, ‘Satsang’, over the last four years.

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One response to “Malaysia / Singapore, Talks/Satsang, Workshops, retreats.

  1. Would appreciate to know more details if there is any events@workshop happening here in Malaysia (in PJ old town or Kelana Jaya) in the month of April or May, 2015 .

    Took note of the September’ 2015 events @ retreat !!

    warm regards

    Saraswathy Nadarajah

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