“stay connected with the source”

“Stay connected with the source”

Staying connected with the Source means being connected all the time, irrespective of whether one is enjoying pleasure or suffering pain in the moment. It is the peace of mind which the human being perpetually wants as ‘happiness’.
Paying too much attention to the pleasure and pain of the moment is what disconnects us from the source, what separates the ‘Me’ from the ‘I’, the identified consciousness from Impersonal Consciousness, and thus makes us lose our peace of mind. It is the ‘thinking mind’ concerned with the fears, hopes and ambitions of the illusory future, that brings about the separation leading to the loss of peace of mind. It is the ‘thinking mind’ which disturbs the ‘working mind’ concerned only with doing the job at hand in the moment as efficiently as possible.
In order to remember what Advaita Vedanta tells us – We are THAT Source and not ‘this’ body-mind organism – all that one needs to do is remember, never to be unaware of the fact, that while it is ‘this’ which has to do whatever is necessary in the prevailing situation, as a part of the mechanism of daily living, it is always THAT which is the functioning element in any action in ‘this’ body-mind organism. And, it is always the will of THAT which prevails all the time. How can we ever forget the relation between ‘THAT-I’ and ‘this me’ ?

Ramesh Balsekar
25th May 2006


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