Infinite presence

There is nothing that can hold you, no system or framework can take away your freedom, nothing can bind you. You are always freedom itself.

Thoughts come and convince you that you are something else, the thoughts are habitual, the belief is habitual. It will pass.

Watch all arise and pass, and see it is transitory. What is transitory cannot be real.

Don’t take the clouds to be the sky. Don’t take the waves to be the ocean. Don’t take the leaves to be the tree. See what is always there.

We confuse the experience for what is real, seeking AN Experience of what we are. We are what all experiences arise in, is made of. Our nature transcends the experience.

WHO is experiencing? Find that.

What arises as a thought creates an identification. This identification is believed to be who you are. This label, description, story is NOT who you are. No matter how persistent or frequent, or what the consequences of the story / identification are, it is not what you are, it has never been, although it has been believed for so long.

A lie repeated a thousand times never becomes a truth.

Your true nature cannot be obscured. The light from the sun cannot be obscured, it is there behind the clouds. So too is your nature always there behind the story / identification.

When the story / identification is seen for what it is, a lie, the lie can never be believed again. The thoughts may persist for some time, as habitual thinking, like a fan turns for a while after the switch has been turned off.

What is revealed when the lie drops away is infinite.

Your nature is infinite.

Your nature is not defined by what you look like, how much money you have, what position you hold, how many friends you have, your intellect, personality.

All these are the basis of the character you have assumed in this life. Similar to an actor assuming a role for a movie. The actor always knows his/her true nature, but plays the role without getting confused about their real identity.

The confusion about your real nature, your real identity, is caused by the idea based on thoughts, an assumed identity. It is persistent because almost everyone around you has reinforced this idea throughout your entire life. Your family, friends, religion, schools have continued to reinforce this idea/identity, and it has become a strong belief in you.

Quite simply we believe the ‘idea’ of who we are.

But if you stop for a moment, stop believing just for a moment, and look to see what you really are, beyond the ideas, labels, descriptions, story of what you are – what is there?

In between thoughts there is a space. What are you in that space?

Prior to all the labels of what you are, what are you?

Prior to your name, gender, nationality, status, what are you?

Ask the question and you will see.

What Am I, Who Am I?

Instead of habitually believing the thoughts of what you are, look for a moment deeply and see what you are.

What are you for example when there are no thoughts, when there are no labels, no story?

Even without thoughts and labels, there is something here, something very present, very real, you can feel it right now.

This presence is impossible to describe, yet it is here, right now, very real.

Can you see?

This Presence IS what you are.

This is what we all are.

There is only this.



One response to “Infinite presence

  1. Thank you for sharing this Divine Wisdom ……Appreciate every teachings and sharings ……warm regards Saraswathy

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