“Spirituality and Healing” A talk and interactive session.

At Cancer Survive Centre Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2014.



“We are not merely the body and the mind,

but the eternal and infinite spirit,

that animates and is

everything in the universe.”


We are all Consciousness, God, Spirit, eternal and infinite. At any moment we can heal the false idea that we are merely this body and these thoughts. Existence extends us the opportunity to awaken and realize our true nature as an inseparable part of the universal whole, living and experiencing life in this unique body and mind. Self-realization can happen at any moment, to anyone.

Our true nature is spirit, consciousness, God, eternal and infinite, and as such we are always whole, never sick. The body is sick, has a disease or illness, and thereby needs healing. This misidentification with being the body, and the mind of thought structures, causes us to say, “I am sick, I need healing”. Whereas if we realize what we truly are, we can more accurately say, “the body is sick, the body needs healing.” This subtle but significant difference in our perception makes a radical difference to the healing process of the body-mind. The false identification with various ideas of who we are is sometimes the root cause of the disease itself. Quite simply we believe what our mind is saying, and the labels of what we are; particularly the negative labels, causes our emotional / psychological states to severely affect our physical wellbeing.

Illness, sickness, disease, can be a tremendous opportunity if we are willing to see it that way. A severe illness can literally prompt a spiritual awakening at the deepest level, and the physical, emotional and psychological suffering that we are thrown into can teach us things about our-self that we would otherwise not know. We can learn ways to deal with pain thresholds, and ways to heal our-self from within our own body and mind. Learning in this way can sometimes be very painful, not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically, as we struggle to let go of old ideas, as we learn to trust that what is happening has a purpose beyond our current understanding.

A disease and illness can also become a way to see how we become strongly identified to the idea that – ‘I am ill’, and paradoxically this identification with being ill can hold us back from recovery, and a state of ‘wellness’. In absolute terms we are never not whole, not healed, because we are Consciousness, the one source, God; which is always perfect. Therefore when we use the term ‘healing’ it is specifically the body and the mind that we are talking about. Our Spirit, our Essence is always whole, and therefore requires no healing. The body needs healing, and sometimes to get the attention it needs as a last resort the body falls into illness, disease, so that we have no choice but to focus on it. The body has often been neglected by ‘us’, sometimes for years or decades, because we may have pursued other things believing they were more important and that they would bring us happiness.

Many diseases and illnesses have their primary root cause in our inner emotional landscape. Literally our emotions cause the disease or illness. This has been known throughout the ages by traditional healers but current western scientific and medical research has now shown this. In her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’, Dr. Candace Pert states “Emotions are the nexus between mind and matter, going back and forth between the two and influencing both.”

The learning opportunities through illness and disease are multiple. It can become a journey into our inner emotional landscape, allowing us to literally clean away old emotions. It can be an opportunity to change old behavioral habits and unconscious thought patterns. An opportunity to learn how to balance Alopathic and Alternative medical treatments, so called conventional and non-conventional therapies. An opportunity to discover the power of meditation, visualization, breathing, sound, and affirmations as tools for healing. We can learn how our diet and physical surroundings play a vital role in our healing program. And we may meet healers and teachers that help and guide us to new horizons.

Meditation – ‘Try just watching your body, in whatever state of health or sickness you may be in. Try to watch without judging what is happening. Watch without desiring any change in your state. And simply see what happens.’

To summarize, the healing process is therefore mainly twofold. See and realize who you truly are, the all pervading Consciousness, that never dies. Secondly let your body know this, and allow it to come back to a state of energetic balance, its’ natural state, using whatever techniques and methods that are most appropriate.

We will experientially explore some healing techniques in the second half of the session, based on our individual needs.


With Love and Blessings



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