on the edge

Standing on the edge is a good way to put it. There is a fear of what may happen if we jump, or are pushed. And this fear is real and valid, it should be accepted as such, a gentleness and compassion with oneself is the best approach, nothing needs to be forced. We have spent a lifetime being forced, no more of that. It’s natural for us to fear the unknown, nothing wrong with it. When the time is right it will happen naturally, and it may not even feel like a jumping, or a being pushed, but something quite different, altogether unexpected. And then we find there was not even an edge, or a jumping, or someone else to make one jump.   There is simply a ‘realization’ or ‘awakening’ into what is already there, ‘our-self’. The veil over our eyes and experience is simply lifted, and what is revealed is that the whole construct of the identification is based on a set of thoughts, that’s all. And these thoughts have been very persistent, that’s why they were believed for so long. When this set of thoughts is gone we experience our real nature. A real nature that is all inclusive, for all time and space, beyond what can be conceived in this life, in this form.


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