3 Day Retreat-Kandy, 01-03 March

3 Day Self Awareness Retreat – 01-03 March, Kandy, Srilanka.

At The Kandy Samadhi Centre.

For more information on The Kandy Samadhi Centre – visit http://www.thekandysamadhicentre.com

For reservations email: ragi_infinity@yahoo.com


Guided by Raghavan Kadirgamar.

The retreat is composed of 7 elements: 

Advaita conversations


Emotional Release and Balance

Physical Energy Balance

Rest and play

Healthy food and surroundings

The power of Silence


  • Advaita Conversations
    • Conversations based on Advaita concepts and pointers. A question answer format where people are encouraged to share their spiritual questions and seeking.
  • Self-enquiry.
    • Inquiry into the nature of ones’ real Self, using several types of self-inquiry. Who Am I – Who is the author of actions and deeds –  Observing the egoic story – The mirror of the other.
  • Emotional release and balance.
    • Exercises to release and balance the emotional body. Using a combination of Breath-work, movement and laughter, visualizations and meditations, and other forms of personal expression.
  • Physical energy balance.
    • Mindfulness of the physical body with a combination of Yoga, Chakra balancing, Breath work, Chi Kung, Grounding exercises, Chanting.
  • Rest  and play.
    • The retreat provides time for rest and integration of what is experienced, in a natural environment. Retreatees are encouraged to relax, take walks or swim in the nearby stream.
  • Healthy food and surroundings.
    • Vegetarian whole foods support the process of self inquiry, by increasing the sattvic* quality of the mind. Quiet, beautiful and healthy spaces provide a peaceful and relaxing environment. Meals are eaten in mindful silence.

                             *  Sattvic – lit. ‘existence, reality’, pure.

  • The power of  silence.
    • The retreat is conducted in silence apart from the Advaita conversation gatherings and intermittent guidance during other sessions. Raghavan  encourages and supports people  to taste  being in silence, and as an opportunity to observe and experience what arises in themselves as they practice self inquiry. Retreatees are asked to come with this intention for the whole  duration of the retreat. 

2 responses to “3 Day Retreat-Kandy, 01-03 March

  1. Had many insightful moments last year…during the retreat in the venue..Loved the place and the energy there….

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