weekend retreat – Program


‘A Day in a Garden’

Self Awareness Retreat

– Come and discover your true self –



Offered by Raghavan Kadirgamar



September 1st and 2nd 2012,





53A Epitamulla road,
4th lane, Pitta Kotte
(big lane between the Keells and geological center)



Thank you for arriving on time . . .




8.00-8.30 am               ‘Arrival and settling in.’




Tea & Coffee, Fruit.




8.30-10.00 am             ‘Group Meditation’




Connecting with our infinite self, introduction to the sessions, discussion.




                                      ‘Wake Up, stretch, Energize & Centre’




Gentle spinal warm up, light stretching, breath work, chakra balancing.



Grounding exercises’




Strengthening ones inner core, exercises in pairs and groups.




10.00 – 10.30 am        Tea & snacks




10.30 – 1.00 pm          ‘Watching My Self’,




Awareness of the breath, thoughts, body.




                           ‘Seeing the Ego’




Watching the author, Advaita Talk








1.00-2.30pm                ‘Lunch, Rest’




Try it all in silence, go within yourself




2.30-3.30pm                            ‘The Mirror’




Meditation in pairs, ‘Venus Kriya’, speaking & listening




3.30-4.30pm                            ‘Who am I’




The impersonal awareness, I Am


Discussion & individual meditation




4.30-5.15pm                            ‘Play time – Anything you want ’




On your own in silence, Refreshments & snacks




5.15-6.15pm                            ‘Music, Dance & Laughter’


6.15-7.00pm                            ‘Chanting & Sunset Meditation’


7.00pm                                     ‘Calm’




End of the day and journey home.




Participants are requested to bring the following.


1 – Bring your beautiful self on time, we will start at 7.00 am sharp.


2 – A yoga mat, or other mat, or small carpet to sit comfortably on.


3 – Two  cushions or pillows, one small, one larger.


4 – Two bottles of water, min. 2 litres.


5 – Pen and paper or notebook.


6 – Wear loose comfortable clothing, and a change of clothes in case you get sweaty.




The Guide


An architect by profession, Raghavan (Ragi) spent five years regularly visiting his Guru Ramesh Balsekar in his home in Bombay and now shares with spiritual seekers his experience, and the teachings received from the Gurus. He has been offering Advaita Talks, ‘Satsang’, over the last two years. He draws from his own experience and that of his teachers.



Blog: https://raghavanadvaita.wordpress.com




For more info, contact Angela (0777-898-377) or Ragi (0777-366-034)





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