‘wave’ a stone sculpture.


“What are you seeking?”

If you don’t know clearly what you are seeking how can you find it? And Who is seeking ‘it’ anyway!

What specifically are the causes of suffering that ‘apparently’ prevent you

from getting what you want in life.


Like his Guru, Ragi guides spiritual seekers away from simply accepting

the profound conceptual truth,

Consciousness is I  –  I am Consciousness’,

 towards an understanding and acceptance of manifested life itself –

an acceptance of What Is.

“How do I live my daily life, in peace and harmony?”,

with the 7 billion other human beings on the planet?


Advaita is a collection of concepts and pointers, not a religion,

to help people realize their real nature, as an  inseparable part of the unbroken whole.

Come and share your questions, thoughts, ideas, problems and suffering in life and experience a peeling away of false beliefs, that reveals what you have always been.

Find an end to mental and psychological suffering, by understanding your mind, thoughts, thinking; and understanding the relationships between yourself and others.


Ramesh Balsekar is known as one of the most profound Advaita masters of our time.

(Advaita means non duality / not two / unbroken wholeness).

Ramesh pointed at the truth for over 30 years, writing dozens of books, and shared with seekers from all over the world.

Ramesh was the disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj, (The Book, ‘I Am That’),

The teaching is deeply influenced by the Sage Ramana Maharshi.

Satya Sai Baba is also Ragi’s Guru.

“Consciouness is all there is,

you are not the doer of any individual deed,

everything is simply a happening, meant to be ...”

Ramesh Balsekar.


An architect by profession, Raghavan (Ragi) spent five years regularly visiting

his Guru Ramesh Balsekar in his home in Bombay

and now shares with seekers his experience,

and the teachings received from the Gurus.

Over a ten year period he also practiced with several meditation,

yoga and energy healing teachers.

He has been guiding meditation and self awareness groups since 2005,

and has been offering Advaita talks, ‘Satsangs’, for the past four years.


For more information on Ramesh Balsekar and Advaita please see –


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